Beware of scam sites using our photos and videos

Their has been a huge uptick of scam websites using our photos and videos to sell what they claim is an LED suit.  What they are selling is a incredibly cheap and dim El Wire if you get anything at all.  We've had people contact us thinking they were getting a Glowy Zoey suit for 80% off only to realize they had been scammed.  Glowy Zoey LED suits are only sold at and on Amazon under the seller GlowyZoey (currently out of stock on Amazon).  Take a look below at the difference between what they are selling and Glowy Zoey. Please let us know if you see one of these sites using our photos and videos so we can report it.  We don't like seeing people get scammed, especially when they are expecting the quality of a Glowy Zoey LED suit.


Glowy Zoey vs el wire