Light-up LED Slap Bracelet

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Remember those sweet slap bracelets from the 90's?  Well they have gone high-tech with LED illumination.  A super bright LED light combined with fiber-optics creates a highly visible safety device or a sweet accessory to wear to a concert or club. 

Turn it on, slap it on your wrist, upper arm or ankle and you'll instantly be visible in low light situations. Made from durable nylon, the LED slap bracelet is perfect for walking, hiking, jogging, biking, camping, concerts or just sitting on your recliner in the dark pondering life.  A built-in grommet allows you to hang the LED bracelet straightened out to serve as an LED marker.

A simple press of a button switches from constant glow to blinking light.

We personally use these with our daughter Zoey when taking night walks or camping.  Keeps her visible and she loves wearing it!

Included lithium coin cell battery is replaceable and lasts for approximately 100 hours.

6 colors to choose from: red, green, blue, orange, yellow and pink.  Red, pink, yellow, and orange glow red in the dark.  Blue glows blue and green glows green. 

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