Hey Glowy Zoey! I want the Minnie Mouse LED costume!


 We get a lot of emails every day asking about the Minnie Mouse style costume we created that's been seen on YouTube and other places around the web.  The costume was custom made and programmed using digital LED strips.  These strips are very fragile and a lot more prone to breakage.  They also use a lot more battery power requiring rechargeable battery packs.  We are working hard to make modifications so we can sell these suits.  If it's not possible to mass-produce them,  we will definitely at least make the parts available for the do-it-yourselfer. We must warn you though, digital LEDs like in the Minnie Mouse style are quite expensive.  The minimum cost will be $200, most likely more than that.  Take a look at our much more affordable single color suits, they get the same reactions for an affordable price and now ears are available for them!

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