LED Stickman DIY kit single color 3528

Want to make your own LED stick figure costume or anything else you can think of?  This kit gets you everything you need to get going.  You will need to be able to solder and have a good understanding of electronics.  This kit is for advanced users.  The LED strips are cutable every 3 LEDs (5cm).  There is enough LED strip to make a suit as big as XL.  There are no instructions included with this kit.

Kit includes:
16.4 feet (5m) 3528 LED strip in color of your choice
5 pairs of male and female JST connectors
8X AA battery holder with 9v snap connector
9v snap connector to DC male barrel connector
DC female to 2X JST female connectors
DC 3' extension cable
LED controller and dimmer with 10 brightness levels and 7 modes and 10 speeds.

What you need:
Soldering Iron
Silicone sealant for end caps (if you want them waterproof)
Heat shrink tubing

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