LED stickman light kit

    • Our LED stickman light kits comes with everything you get from the full suit, minus the clothing.  You will get the lights, adapter, controller and battery box (takes 8 AA batteries).  The light kit does not come with anything to attach to your own clothing.  You will need to attach them yourself.  We provide instructions from the full suit to help show where each peice goes.

    • What’s in the box

      • LED strip sections for legs, torso/arms and head. LED strips are encased in a silicone sleeve for protection against spills and velociraptor spit.
      • Battery box (8 AAs not included) with on/off switch and short circuit protection (or purchase optional rechargeable battery pack for longer life)
      • Controller with 6 brightness levels and 6 flashing modes: steady on, fast pulse, pulse, blink, flash, strobe. Optional RF wireless controller available as well
      • Additional connector on head for future accessories like LED mask (coming soon)
    • Sizing

      Select the size that corresponds with what you'd wear in a men's size.  

    • Shipping

      Orders in stock usually ship next business day.  Expedited shipping orders will go out first.  All shipments originate from California.  If you select "Priority Mail - 2 day" then add an extra business day. For example, if you order on Monday, you would most likely get your items Thursday.  This is only estimate, we can't guarantee arrival times.  Typically the closer you are to California, the faster you can expect it.  

      US territories, Canada and International shipping
      Goods in stock at the time of order will be shipped in 2-3 business days from receiving the order. Please note that additional customs delays, charges and taxes can apply for imports. Glowy Zoey has no control over these taxes and it is customers whole responsibility to comply with local customs regulations. Please inform yourself about customs policies and rules in your country. Any international returned shipment customers can be charged a return fee in case of non-compliance to local customs regulations.


      In the unlikely event any part of the LED system fails (LED, controller, battery box, connectors, etc) under normal use within the first 120 days of purchase, we will send out a replacement part free of charge. Depending on the part, you may need to send it back to us first or in some cases, simply provide a photo of the issue. If a customer needs a replacement part because they broke it, we will provide one at a discounted rate.  We want you to stay bright so we make the process really easy.  We are a family run small business, no crazy hoops to jump through.


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