LumiBlob RGB light-up inflatable suit

    • Have you ever wanted to be a fat glowing blob without all the cheeseburgers and radioactive waste? The Lumiblob is for you!  The Lumiblob is an inflatable suit made from translucent white material that glows bright with any color you select with over 200 RGB LED lights!  The built-in fan inflates the suit in seconds and the RGB LED strips provides 360 degrees of illumination.  The included RF remote allows you to change the color, fade in and out to different colors, strobe and many more modes.

      The included RGB strips can also be used to light up anything else you'd like as well like your bike or a custom costume of your own.  The 3800mah or 5000mah rechargeable battery is highly recommended with this suit.  The 3800mah can be used to power both the lights and the fan and comes with a special adapter to do so when purchased with the Lumiblob.

    • What’s in the box

      • White translucent inflatable suit with built-in fan.
      • White socks, gloves and mask
      • Fan battery box with on/off switch (4 AA batteries not included)
      • 2 6 foot RGB LED strips with weatherproof silicone casing
      • RF wireless remote control for RGB strips
      • 12v light battery box for RGB lights (8 AA batteries not included)
      • 4 velcro strips and 4 metal clips to secure lights to your body

    • Sizing

      Adult size fits most in the range of 4'5" to 6'+
      Kids size fits toddler to about 4'5"

    • Shipping

      Orders in by 2pm PDT will ship same day.  Orders in after 2pm PDT will ship the next business day.  Expedited shipping orders will go out first.  All shipments originate from California. This is only estimate, we can't guarantee arrival times. Typically the closer you are to California, the faster you can expect it.   FedEx business days are mon-fri.  USPS business days are mon-sat.

      US territories, Canada and International shipping
      Goods in stock at the time of order will be shipped in 2-3 business days from receiving the order. Please note that additional customs delays, charges and taxes can apply for imports. Glowy Zoey has no control over these taxes and it is customers whole responsibility to comply with local customs regulations. Please inform yourself about customs policies and rules in your country. Any international returned shipment customers can be charged a return fee in case of non-compliance to local customs regulations.


      In the unlikely event any part of the LED system fails (LED, controller, battery box, connectors, etc) under normal use within the first 90 days of purchase, we will send out a replacement part free of charge. Depending on the part, you may need to send it back to us first or in some cases, simply provide a photo of the issue. If a customer needs a replacement part because they broke it, we will provide one at a discounted rate.  We want you to stay bright so we make the process really easy.  We are a family run small business, no crazy hoops to jump through.