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We have sold out for Halloween.

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Thank you for your interest in Glowy Zoey.  Due to huge demand, we are sold out of all costumes at this time. We do still have some rechargeable battery packs.  The stock can not be replenished in time for Halloween.  We are super bummed that we couldn't provide for everyone that wanted a costume.  The good news is we have exciting new products in the pipeline that will be coming out soon!  If you would like to be notified when stock arrives or new product comes in, please sign up for our newsletter. We only send super cool stuff!  



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Glowy Zoey
Please note that the above costume was custom made however we are looking into producing this soon. Be sure to signup to our newsletter to get notified.

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Shine as bright as little Glowy Zoey did in the video that was viewed over 22 million times on YouTube and seen on shows like Good Morning America, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy Fallon, Nightline, CNN and more. The costume edition of the Glowy Zoey LED suit is made to be affordable to anyone who wants to light up their world. You will not find a brighter, more eye-catching costume than this brilliantly shining LED stickman costume! Not only will you or your child be the center of attention, you will also be the safest. We have done tests where this LED Halloween costume has been seen from a mile away! Make light of everything you do and join the hundreds of others that have already joined the Glowy Zoey family!