Wireless single color LED controller for stickman costume

Control your stick man costume or LED project from afar with this RF wireless controller.  This unit is compatible with our single color LED suits (not rgb) and any 12v LED single color strips.  Great for younger kids in our costumes since the parent can control the flashing patterns without the child having access.

Remotes all operate on the same frequency so if you buy a wireless remote for each suit, you can control all light suits at the same time from 1 remote!*  These are great if you have a group of friends all wearing our LED suits since you can sync up the flashing effects with everyone.  RF remote uses radio waves to communicate to the receiver so you do not need direct line of sight to operate. 

Compatible with all single color LED costumes. 

NOT compatible with our RGB stick figure kit.


*You must purchase a wireless controller for each suit you want to control via remote. 

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