All shipments originate from our warehouse in Huntington Beach, CA.  Orders in by 12pm Pacific time will ship same day M-F.  Orders in after 12pm but before 4pm could still possibly go out same day but will for sure go out the next business day.

We ship to most countries.  Please be advised that you are responsible for any customs fees or taxes that your country may add.  If you don't see your country listed when checking out, contact us and we'll see if we can add it.

All orders are sent from our warehouse in Huntington Beach, CA USA.  International orders may take an additional day to ship.  DHL Worldwide is by far the fastest option for international, generally taking 2-3 business days.  USPS first class would be your slowest and least reliable option.


It's no problem making an exchange for a different size. You can use our return/exchange portal here.


Single Color:  The color you choose is the color you get.  The color can not be changed.  This option is the most durable and economical with the least amount of wires.

RGB: RGB stands for Red, Green, Blue.  This means there are 3 LEDs per chip and the 3 colors are mixed to produce any color of the rainbow.  The entire suit changes to whatever color you choose via the included remote.  The RGB suit is the brightest suit we sell.

Luminoid: This suit is the most amazing one of them all!  Not only can you change to any color you want, the lights can display over 300 different animations.  This means the suit can have multiple colors on at the same time. 

Glowy Zoey suits use high quality LED strips for the ultimate in brightness and durability.  Others use El Wire or glow sticks which are quite dim and require it to be very dark for the effect to work.  Our suits are 100's of times brighter.  Beware of some sellers using our photos and videos for their El Wire products.  It's not possible to achieve the Glowy Zoey look with anything other than ultra-bright LEDs.  There are many scam stores using our photos and videos to try and sell you dim el wire or glow sticks.

All the colors are incredibly bright but white would be the brightest followed by green, blue, pink, and red.  All our suits have 6 different brightness levels.