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Luminoid LED Dog Leash
Justina Means
Strong and pretty

This is my second LED leash, the first one didn’t last as long, so I thought I’d try with this company, and so far I am loving it. The colors are so pretty and it’s really strong. I have a 45 pound dog and he has some strength, but overall, I would recommend this product.

Love love love

I am so happy that I got this product…

My grandson absolutely loves this. It’s the best:)

Fantastic product with a plethora of features! The only complaint I have is the relatively short battery life

Great Customer Service

Fun product and great customer service as always. For me the hoodie was a size up from normal hoodies for comfort. Thanks again for the assistance!

Very cool - Make sure of sizing!

Being that I am basically a child that likes cool things, I bought this the minute the email came to me.

When I received it and tried it on, it was a bit smaller than I had hoped. My other hoodies are all XL and this was pretty snug. Full disclosure I am 6'4" and 250, so maybe I should have sized up.

My youngest has now taken it, because "that's pretty cool," so I am buying another.

The lights are very bright and the colors are fantastic. I will say that the app is a bit hard to understand, but I was able to get the lights to do what I wanted. I would love it if you could have your own app or provide additional training on how to use the current one.

As always, I love your products and am looking forward to the next "cool thing" that I have to buy.

When I start to wear it more often, I will update my review to reflect the longevity of the hoodie.

Great product, responsive owner

I purchased the led bicycle wheels for my nephew and he is thrilled with them! Shortly after placing the order, I realized I used the wrong shipping address. I was able to very quickly contact Glowy Zoey via social media and have the order edited, which i really didn't expect considering I made the purchase on a Friday night. Thanks!

Glowing review

This hoodie was more than I was expecting! Great quality and so much fun. My child lit up the whole bike track!

I can’t say enough about how much we have enjoyed Glowy Zoey’s products and just how great their customer service is!!! I bought the mask, astronaut and glasses for my nephew. He loves them all! He takes the astronaut with him to his friend’s house for sleepovers and they all love it too. My husband said he’d like one so I ordered him one as well. We both enjoy it. We turn it on and watch movies under the stars. Recently, the stars weren’t as large or projecting for as long as they had. The size of the nebula also decreased to about half. I sent an email to the help desk explaining this. After a couple of trouble-shooting emails back and forth, we received a new astronaut!


Old wire was busted so I bought an replacement on the whim. Honestly will be buying if it gets broken again.

Luminoid LED Dog Leash
Robert Mansfield
Perfect Combo!

I walk my lil' pup every night and when I got the collar for when we don't get out until after the sun goes down. I liked the collar so much I picked up the leash and now we're the talk of the town! When walking around high traffic areas having the lights definitely helps! The unexpected benefit is that other dog walkers can see us coming and will avoid us if they have a dog that isn't friendly. It's a total win-win.

Luminoid LED Dog Collar
Robert Mansfield
Love this!!!

I walk my lil' pup every night and when I don't get out until after the sun goes down I put the collar on her for visibility. Works awesome, the only downside is having to stop and talk to all the people who ask about the collar :)

Prompt shipping

Order arrived as promised - much appreciated and looks to work out. Thank you

Best equipment you can get, worth every cent!

Hi of the Red Dress Party!

I wore this outfit to the charity event The Red Dress Party and it was a hit. People were taking pictures and videos all night. I love that no one knew who I was. I ordered the rechargeable battery pack for the suit and I used a separate battery pack for the glasses. So much fun.

Bright and fun collar

Very happy with my purchase. I got so many comments on my very first walk. Collar was easy to adjust and had easy to follow instructions. I like that it uses the USB C style plug to charge too. I made it so that I could slip it on and off without undoing the buckle since it is not used as the collar you attach to the leash.

Such a fun Leash

Really fun leash. I often have to take the dog on night walks and this was the perfect leash for that. My dog is a little skittish around other people and it made me feel much more comfortable that everyone else on the path could see us coming. I also got the light up collar which definitely adds to the fun!

Luminoid LED Dog Leash
Darrin Nikolaisen
I love this leash!

First of all, it looks really cool when it’s lit up. I get compliments and questions about it every where I go. The leash has a rubber layer that makes it very grippy and easy to hold onto when my dog gets a little excited and pulls, but the leash doesn’t stretch of give. I highly recommend this to anyone especially if you want some visibility at night when you walk your dog.

Really cool collar! It makes it much easier to see the beagle in the dark!

Amazing Collar

I have been looking into LED stuff for my dog Lister and this fits the bill perfectly. It's very bright with an amazing choice of effects and colours. Easy and simple to cut to size. Good product from a trusted company.

Huge hit!

I bought these for a VBS glow party. My teenage daughters and I made up a dance routine and the kids went nuts. Quick delivery. Great quality. Easy assembly.
For size reference we are all between 5.2-5.5, 120-130 lbs and bought size small.

Luminoid LED Dog Collar
Kelly Castillo
Dog Collar

We love the dog collar. Indy gets so many compliments when she wears it and we feel safer when we walk her at night. Highly recommend it!