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Halloween Fun

The mask performs well lots of choices and using the app is easy. It will fit better on smaller faces. I have added to the gallery of faces but disappointed I can't add animation to any I create because they don't support it. I'm looking forward to Halloween!!

Good addition, a little flimsy but what can you expect for the set-up and price. Overall happy with it just additional wiring can make it a pain with multiple zip ties and restricted ways to put it on your wiggly child. Still a great and perfect experience. Great vendor to work with and purchase from; super fast in communication.

This was a must! It made the outfit more appealing and fun to play with… not to mention the parent button that flashes the lights when you can’t find your child in a crowd or just want to make sure you are within safety reach. Great product, GET IT!!!

Excellent customer service, shipping became a nightmare for Halloween timing (beyond sellers control) and the seller went above and beyond to present several options to help me. Once I received the product, a bit of work to wire up and route the wires ( kind of a pain) BUT once put together; my daughter was the highlight of trick or treating… LITERALLY!!! Highly recommend, support these great people, and enjoy the costume for days as we take ours to night events like Disneyland so I can locate her through any crowd. Thank you.

Bought this over 5 years ago and it still going strong

It's not terrible but I do wish I could create my own animated skins and had more that I could choose not already preloaded. Also you can't use any pixels which creates a very generic image display.

I use this at all my shows!!

Really really cool

Bracelets are cool

Bracelets work well so far. I got one of each colour and the blue is least bright. The included bag broke right away though, the cheap stitching on side gave out after one use. Would buy bracelets again though

Hi Adam, thanks for your review. Just a note, the included bag is meant to be kept and isn't part of the product. Glad you love the bracelets!

Amazing costume!! My son had so much fun!! Only suggestion I would have is to add a dimmer so that you can choose how bright it is

These are so neat. So much fun and so cool. My kids love them.


Astronomically awesome, very happy with my purchase.

The mask requires near pitch darkness for the clarity of the picture. In my opinion it would be a great gift for children, but not for adult parties.

Hi Noah,

Thanks for the review and we appreciate your business. Sounds like you may have not seen the brightness slider in the app to increase the brightness. In now way does the mask require pitch darkness. Send us an email if you need help finding the setting.

So fun!

Bought these for all of the kids for Christmas and they exceed expectations. So many color options. My kids love them.

Breathing is a little difficult. I also think it's a bit pixel for me

Fun for grandchildren

We ordered these for stocking stuffers and it was a hit. So nice that the bracelets were pre-charged.

Eye Slots!!!

While this LED Mask may be the 1st Gen - the eye holes definitely make up for the "grainer" display

LED Face Changing Mask
Clifford Farrell
Magical Memories

Had a wonderful and memorable time with the masks and the family. Kids love it as do I. Legit proper built and lightweight. Will bring tons of smiles all around. Look forward to many more creative and fun experiences with them.

The battery lasts really long, and I love the app, but we need a lot more stuff on it. It would be cool if you added an addition to the app where you were able to add gifs or programmed visuals from the computer. Why not you got a mask that can project cool stuff on it. Dig a bit deeper, at least that's how I feel about it. Overall, though, I love this product so much!

LED Face Changing Mask
5 stars is not enough!!!

So simple, so fun, so light, good battery, so cool and really love it. Thank you!!!!

Super cute, fun, and bright

Wish the suits worked independently on change color while together

These are great! Definitely one size up. Only complaint is when 2 suits are close together they do not operate independently on changing color. We had to get 70-100’ apart to be able to change the color on our suits. Highly frustrating.

Hi David,

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review! The suits do work independently actually! You just have to pair the remotes. Send us an email to and we will help you out with that.

Needs to have bigger entry for normal-sized adults

I'm a bare 6' 1" and 230# and could not get into it.
It's very cool and well-made otherwise.
I just wish it fit on me...

This worked out great for Halloween 2023! I was impressed by the engineering of the garment and the quality and speed of the fasteners with design considerations for working with a toddler to get the costume on and working quickly. I actually have the skills to make something like this from scratch but the $ cost buying this Glowy Zoey kit versus the time and materials of doing it myself made this well worth it! and the designer(s) solved some of the challenges much better than I could have! My kid loved it, especially being able to see at night without having to hold a flashlight. Now that we have it I think we’ll use it in place of a safety vest on walks or rides or maybe even take it to the beach this summer for nighttime beach exploration! Thanks Glowy Zoey!

Great safety precaution

They’re bright and colorful, as advertised. The safety aspect is highly underrated though. I’ve got front and rear lights but riding in a city setting, especially at night, I’ve always felt I’m most at risk from getting t-boned by someone rolling a stop sign. Bright, flashing, wheel-sized lights have made me feel a bit better. Must have, for sure.