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Led face changing mask

Ok, let me start off by saying I live in a low cell area. I was a little leery with some of the comments about the app not connecting, freezing etc. But that was not the case. Everything is working just fine! Occasionally when I switch from the music setting back to another it will freeze, but with a quick on and off with the app, it works fine again. this mask is so much fun. Options are endless. Has a sensor so you can change faces with a wave of your hand. Can upload your own pics and text and can be used for multiple occasions and holidays! I love it!

stickman costume

Omg I love it! I am all about the lights, and this one costume has so many options. Been using the batteries and so far have put almost 4 hours into them with absolutely no dimming whatsoever! I do have a portable battery pack if needed. I have paired this costume with the led face changing mask, which gives even more fun options. Parents, if your concerned about your kid's safety this halloween, they will be seen lol! Delivery was quick and packaged well. I recommend this product.

Childhood Dream

I have always wanted to have cool lights on my bike. Now I have the coolest lights in town thanks to Glory Zoey!! ive been flashing these lights every night im out biking, and they make me super visible, but also seem to make other people happy! the added comforts of having
them rechargable, and fully waterproof, makes this one of the best gifts I've ever bought for myself. thank you forever and ever!❤❤❤

Way better than I expected!

I was a bit skeptical of the quality of the mask because I found it from an Instagram ad. I thought it was going to be a cheap, flimsy piece of plastic, but it's thick, sturdy, and very well made. It has a very comfortable eye socket, and the mask sits at the perfect distance from your face so you can breathe well, and it doesn't make your face too hot from wearing it. You can also see through the mask pretty well even when the lights are on. The eyepieces just cut off your peripherals. Overall I love it!!

Coolest mask ever!

The mask is great quality and comes with so many different options. My 7 year old son cannot wait to wear it for Halloween!

Kids love it

My boys love the ability to change the "mask" so quickly... I have only one wish, and that was to have it be brighter - If there is any sunlight it can render the mask not viewable. Otherwise it is a nice purchase... Just wish it worked better in lit areas. Dark room or suns down - 100% winner

Awesome Mask, broke after one trip

This mask is so f***ing sick! But I'm bummed, only got one usage out of it. Now it won't charge or turn on.

Glad you like the mask Justin. If you are having issues, just contact and we will help you out!

LED Glasses add-on
greg Eckley
Super glowey

It’s really one of the greatest inventions.I’m very satisfied and now known in my town as THE LiGHT MAN.

Black Face Mask
Jon Blandford
Black face mask

I gave it 3 stars because it had a couple of scuff marks on it when it came in the mail, but overall the details are nice.

Loved it.

Will work very well with my costume this year . A faceless nun , I'm working at a haunted house


Upon arrival I was frustrated with assembly instructions but finally got it. Wish there were real photos for directions. BUT!! The results were epic! Around the camp fire on the beach I told a scary story about the 2011 tsunami of Fukushima and the missing 2550 missing persons. I then said that today there’s been sightings of glowing zombies coming out of the ocean.
And then I told a fib that my granddaughter had to go poop so three of us left to put on our suits and come back to the beach and flipped the switch and the “glow show was on”. No regrets! We will use the suits for years to come.

Great Concept

I finally had the chance to take the mask out of the box. It is very durable, and no doubt will last a long time. The display is amazingly bright. Only concern was the limited visibility through the eyes, but that's a minor concern. I definately recommend this item.

Decent, however...

Worth the price for what you get, but the visibility is extremely low when you where it in the dark, which is where it's supposed to be worn. Would also be nice to have a feature where you can create your own image, led by led. Like pixel art.

Soooo cool!

Everyone who sees it freaks out because it looks so amazing! I bought 2 and one of the remotes didn't work so I called customer service. An actual human being answered the phone! And she was really nice. I got the replacement remote in a few days. Definitely buying more cool stuff from Glowy Zoey!

Light up the night

Went for a walk the other night at the beach, & was the brightest thing there. Several people even wanted to take pictures with me. Lol. Note to self, make business cards with the website to hand out....


Lousy instructions! I would have given 5 stars if the instructions were better

Lousy instructions

Thanks for the review. You might be the first person to have a problem the instructions. Here is a copy of the instructions for those interested:

We LOVED them!

I bought these for my kids and I to wear to a concert. They were a huge hit! Only a few minor complaints would be some of the snaps weren’t far enough apart to hold the led strips. Also, the one going down the middle of the chest was a bit too long for me and the kids which looked a bit off. It would be nice if all the wires had an extra large snap to keep them better in place and out of the way. But I would still have purchased these again they were awesome and SO bright! Loved them!


Extremely fun have people thinking twice.

Amazing as always

Super fast shipping. This is my 4th suit. You will not find a better light up suit than this! The colors are amazing and super, super bright! Order will not be sorry. Our other suits have lasted years..this one is just a new addition for us! Customer services is also fast responding with all my crazy questions:)


So good! We wanna use it for our film

a super fun mask!

The Built-in mask designs are great but the DIY feature makes this amazing. Love that it is rechargeable with a standard USB C connector. hoping this keeps improving, if there was a higher resolution, Oled screen, I would be interested! I would like to understand how to set up the Gesture Mask Change function better. Instructions in the App would be 6 stars!

Perfect, but it's sweatshirt-pants material

This is perfect for parties! Downfall is its made of sweatshirt material and you will roast if it's indoors. Connections were simple, instructing slightly confusing. The hood lightning was tricky Z BUT easy to figure out. This has multiple choices for flashing, Solid, Fade lights etc. Also it is EXTREMELY BRIGHT!! I had it to the lowest setting and STILL blinded everyone at event while inside. Outside was perfect. Inside...too much! Is it worth it? Absolutely!! I hope it doesn't break before next use. If you have short arms or legs. You will need to pull the cuffs under so the wires don't flop around. Would I buy this again? YES! was it a hit? Absolutely. Who was the star of the party? Glowey Zoey!! More, shoe laces and gloves are from Amazon and did not come with this outfit.

Great festival accessory

Quite the hit at music festivals. Lightweight but sturdy and seem durable. Def a good buy for a good vibe