About Us

How we got here

One night while thinking of creative costume ideas for my daughter Zoey's first Halloween (where she could actually walk), a light bulb went off.  Actually, to be more precise, it was an LED.  I had made stick man LED suits for snowboarding at night a few months prior and had a lot of extra parts laying around.  I gathered everything up and got to work soldering.  I wasn't too sure how my 2 year old would like becoming a human flashlight, but to my surprise, she loved it!  I got the camera out and we headed outside to the driveway.  The effect of a tiny little stick person was hilarious.  I was going to try and edit something together but just had to share a short clip with my friends online that night.  The next day we got a call from the local news, then Good Morning America, then Jimmy Kimmel Live and it went on and on.  It was clear Zoey had gone viral.  She had become Glowy Zoey.

I never had any plans turning it into a business until the requests started coming in.  While in New York on the set of Good Morning America, I checked my email and realized I had over 1,000 people asking about where to get an LED stick person costume.  It was clear that I had to find a way to get this costume to everyone so they could bring smiles and laughter to their own neighborhood. 

When I first started making the LED stick figures for snowboarding, I quickly realized what types of LED's worked and which didn't.  Being in sub-freezing temperatures and on someone as active as a snowboarder tends to bring to light (see what I did there?) any problems in design right away.  Electronics don't like to be bent and people are very bendy.  With the help of my late cousin Dave Farley, we were able to source materials that would work best in a costume that would last for years.  I wanted the brightest and best quality, not something cheap like a lot of costumes out there today. 

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at support@glowyzoey.com.  We will try and get back to you ASAP.  We are located in Huntington Beach, CA and are still a small, family run business.  Your support of our business means the world to us!

-Royce Hutain
 Glowy Zoey


Royce and Zoey