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Single Color Stickman
RGB Stickman
Luminoid Stickman

 **If your RGB stick figure kit flashes when you first turn it on and then turns off, and you can't get it to turn on, there are 2 things it may be.  The most common would be a low battery in the remote.  The remote takes a CR2025 battery.  It may also have gotten unpaired from the receiver.  To pair to the receiver again, turn the power off at the battery and then turn back on.  Within 4 seconds, press the green "demo" button 3 times to pair or hold the demo button down for 5 seconds.  You should see a flash to confirm the pairing.

If your single color suit will not turn on, the controller may be set to a slow flash mode which makes it appear to not be working.  Press the mode button a few times to get to a different mode.  If this doesn't work, try bypassing the controller and plug the battery cable directly into the 3-way adapter.

If you have technical issue with the costume, you can email us at 
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