Instructions can be downloaded here:

Single color stickman
RGB stickman kit
Lumiblob Instructions

 **If your RGB stick figure kit flashes when you first turn it on and then turns off, this is normal.  You need to press the power button on the remote for a few seconds on first use.  Try holding it down for 5 seconds at a time, multiple times.  If this does not work, alternate between pressing the power button and "demo" button a few times.  This remote may have been set to a very slow flash mode.  If you still have issues, your remote battery could be low.  The remote takes a CR2025 battery.

If you have technical issue with the costume, you can email us at 
Please include your order number and as many details as possible so we can help you as quickly as possible.  **We are currently experiencing a high volume of requests, please be patient as we will get back to you as quickly as possible! 

If you have a general question, please email