Lumiblob Instructions



Parts list:
Inflatable suit
Fan Battery Box (orange)

2 six foot RGB LED strips
RGB RF wireless controller with remote
8X AA Battery box
4 double sided Velcro strips
4 attachment clips

Your Glowy Zoey Lumiblob has 2 main parts, the inflatable suit and the RGB lighting kit. Start by taking the RGB lights out of their silver bag and unspooling them from the reel. The LED strips come in 2 sections to allow for many different configurations to accommodate different body types as well as for other uses aside from the Lumiblob. The lights can be wrapped around the body in a variety of ways. The easiest method is to place the lights around the neck with the connection point of the 2 strips at the neck. You will have 2 equal length strips hanging in front of you. Loop the ends back around your shoulder and attach to itself with the included Velcro. Do this for each side. You will have a long hanging loop on each side which will evenly light your suit. Attach the RGB remote receiver to the female connector that is unused on one of the strips. Then attach the battery box (or optional rechargeable battery) to the receiver. You can switch the battery box to the on position and test the LED lights at this point. Another configuration is to use the provided clips and Velcro to wrap the LED strips around the torso.

Plug the fan into the orange battery box and switch it on. Put the suit on (zipper is the back) and give it a few seconds to fill with air. You are now a Lumiblob!


Kids size: The kids size comes with 2 strips, but you may only want to use 1 depending on size of the child.