Luminoid Hoodie Instructions

Getting Started

  1. Check fit: Before you do anything else, make sure the hoodie fits how you’d like it to.  If you need to exchange for a different size, email
  2. Unpack Your Hoodie: Your Luminoid Hoodie comes with a powerbank, controller and powerbank charging cable.  Be sure you’ve got those 3 items.
  3. Charge the Powerbank: Before first use, charge the included powerbank with the provided USB cable until all 4 light indicators are lit. 
  4. Install the app: Scan the QR code on the controller to be taken to the app page to install

Setting Up

  1. Powerbank: Insert the powerbank into the inner pocket located on the same side as the Luminoid logo.
  2. Controller: Locate the connector that is inside the inner pocket.  Plug the controller into this connector and the USB end into either port on the powerbank.
  3. Controller use:  There are 3 buttons on the controller.  The middle button powers on and off the lights.  The “M” button cycles through the modes and the “S” button adjusts the speed of the effects.

Using the App

  1. Download the App: Install the “BanlanX app from your smartphone’s app store.
  2. Bluetooth Pairing: Open the app and follow the instructions to pair your hoodie via Bluetooth.  Pairing happens inside the app.


  1. Cleaning: Remove powerbank and controller from pocket.  It is recommended that you hand wash the hoodie. The LED lights are waterproof and we have washed the hoodies many times in testing with no issues but this would be at your own risk.  You’d want to use a gentle cycle and dry on low.
  2. Storage: Hanging up in a closet on a hanger would be best.  You want to avoid folding the area where the light string is embedded.  


  1. LEDs Not Working: Ensure the powerbank is charged and properly connected.
  2. App Not Connecting: Check your phone’s Bluetooth settings and make sure bluetooth is on. 

Safety Precautions

  1. Powerbank Use: If you use the powerbank to charge a phone at the same time, you’ll need to set the hoodie LEDs to the lowest brightness setting to avoid overloading the powerbank.
  2. Water Exposure: Keep the powerbank and controller dry at all times.

For more information or support, email and we will be happy to help.